Our masters program binds North American and Latin American studies in a unique degree program that gives students specific expert knowledge from different disciplines and enables them to gain a broad view of both Americas as well as their global connections. The interdisciplinary nature of the program offers students the opportunity to learn about the history, culture, politics, society and economy of Latin and North America.

Research, teaching and professional involvement of our faculty demonstrate a serious commitment to the study of Latin and North America. Several of our faculty who are contributing to the teaching at the program have both the experience and knowledge of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, and the United State based on their academic research and/or diplomatic service. Some of their special interests are in cultural history, economic history, development economics, religion, democratization, migration, decentralization, race and ethnicity, gender and public policy. Approximately 20 courses offered every year by various departments exploring historical development of Latin and North American societies, states, economies and political systems. We believe the breadth of these courses offered can accommodate varied interests of our students.

There are two must cources of the program each provide a survey of Latin and North American history, economy and politics. Aside from this common core courses students are allowed to tailor their choice of courses according to their particular interests. Proficiency in Spanish is required for our students. Our students take at least three levels of Spanish courses offered by the department of modern languages. We are also recommending a reading knowledge of Portuguese for our students.

Students under the guidance of their academic advisors concentrate on a topic and undertake an investigation on a research problematique to complete the major requirements of the program. Students can choose to a write a masters thesis or a term project. If they choose the latter they complete the program by taking two additional courses.

We are building academic linkages with institutions and scholars throughout North and Latin America. For this purpose, we are establishing and maintaining bilateral exchange and cooperation agreements with research institutions in the North and Latin America and the Caribbean, thereby facilitating transnational collaborative research.

Our Master’s program prepares our students for various career options. Comprehensive knowledge on Latin and North America together with their proficiency in Spanish and English our graduates can seek employment in the ministry of foreing affairs, and non governmental national, transatlantic, transamerican and international organizations. In addition, tourism, media, cultural institutes and organizations are further careers prospects. The Master’s degree from our program also open the doors for the possibility for doctoral study and thereby to an academic career for our students.